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Adi and his team custom-design every keynote, dedicating hours of preparation to curate the most impactful content for your group, event, and goals. His talks are never generic or repeated.

You've brought in speakers and leadership consultants before. Your group learned some theory and agreed that things could be better, but little changed.
man standing in front of group of men
man standing in front of group of men

In 2024, programs that fail to relate, engage, and move your group into action can lead to:

  • Wasting precious time and resources on ineffective and dull programs.

  • Not solving any problems and continuing the cycle of missed opportunities and "stuckness."

  • Frustrating your group and damaging the morale.

  • Endangering future opportunities and resources to bring in outside thought leaders.

If professional programs aren't helping you level up, they're holding you back.
By engaging Adi, your group will:
  • Find clarity in the face of uncertainty, crush obstacles, and drive breakthrough results. Whether you're searching for solutions, chasing goals, or facing change––we got you covered.

  • Gain focused, practical, actionable insights and tools––and specific "next steps"––to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

  • Renew your enthusiasm and confidence, deepen your connections, and build momentum.

  • Benefit from an in-depth discovery process that considers less obvious, differentiating, and underlying dynamics and opportunities.

  • Ignite a fire of inspiration, energy, and motivation to commit to change and take immediate, empowered, and sustainable action.

  • BONUS: Take advantage of our unique Follow Up, Level Up system that guarantees a higher success rate––at no extra cost.


What we experienced with Adi today was absolutely incredible! His communication and presentation skills are stellar, his energy intoxicating, his intuition on-point, and his ability to see problems, lay them out in ways we didn’t consider before, and then find solutions for them is truly amazing.

In my opinion, Adi adds tremendous value to any individual or team that interacts with him as he is remarkably effective. I look forward to having more opportunities for my team and I to interact with Adi in the near future and regularly.

–– Farhad Parhami, Ph.D., M.B.A.

President and CEO @ MAX BioPharma Inc.

”Adi is a dynamic speaker and a master storyteller."

–– Courtney Young

President @ American Library Association

”Adi's workshop for our managers was exactly what the team needed. It was very valuable. We asked him right away to come back for our all-staff retreat two months later.”

–– Kevin Ferrone

Global VP @ IvyGate International

I had the pleasure of working with Adi and participating in his executive workshop during my tenure at a commercial real estate company. Adi's genuine care and interest in his clients' success is what seems to deliver the results people are looking for. Adi's approach towards seizing life and delivering results through optimism and humility is something that is desperately needed in today's corporate post-Covid culture. Leaders and employees will learn a skillset rooted in soft skills and empathy to collaborate and innovate new business solutions. I believe that hiring Adi is a great business decision!

–– Derek Sobieraj

Real Estate Investment @ ARC Properties

Adi's presentation style and content were spot on - engaging the audience members, many of whom stayed after the presentation to ask more questions that could not have been covered in the time allotted. Adi's engaging personality, authentic and personal story of overcoming, and genuine interest resonated with the audience and made me proud to have affiliated with him in this capacity. I would certainly recommend him as a speaker.

–– Trevor A. Dawes

Vice Provost @ University of Deleware

Leave mediocre, uninspired, and ineffective programs behind.

Ignite a fire in your team to level up with our focused, one-of-a-kind, game-changing keynotes.


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